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One of the primary character traits of an investigator is to be inquisitive.  I like finding out answers to the unknown.  As a result, ten years ago I began the interesting hobby of paranormal investigations. I’ve spent many hours in dark spooky places with my video camera and other recording devices. My goal- to observe and document paranormal activity Beyond a Reasonable Doubt while having fun!

My name is James and I’ve been a professional investigator for about twenty years. In the course of my investigations my goal is to obtain evidence to support my case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt in a court of law. 

Ghost hunting on the Haunted History Trail of New York

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In 2013, I heard that Yesterday's Royal in Sylvan Beach, NY was hiring weekend staff. The Yesterday's Royal and Sylvan Beach Amusement Park had been featured on a nationally known paranormal investigation show.  Let's see, an opportunity to work in a known haunted location, I'm in! After a few weeks of working as bar staff, I noticed that management was advertising for a paranormal dinner/tour. Of course I had to be nosey and inquired about this dinner and was told they were looking for a host. I then created Park After Dark Tours and CasperCops were born.

I now search for haunted locations along the Haunted History Trails. I invite you to join me as a fellow CasperCop.


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