I would like to give you an update to a project I’ve decided to embark on. You may recall, during my investigation, I saw my first apparition ever! I observed a little girl run from the TeaCup ride into the Himalaya. Jr and I were walking to our vehicle after a tour around 1:30AM. A search was conducted and no girl was found.

A few weeks later during a tour, a fellow CasperCop obtained a photo of a shadow figure of what appears to be a little girl in car #7 on the TipTop ride which was the same location where I saw the apparition.  I truly believe she is the one I saw and who is the noisy ghost at the park.

Since then, we have been trying to get her name. I’ve done tons of research, however I cannot find any information regarding death taking a little girls life anywhere at the park.

So, I’ve decided to expand my tools by making my own Ouija board. What better place to obtain the material than my beloved park. I’m also making a documentary of the entire process. I ran this idea by my friend from JPHii Design Jewelry who agreed to help design it with me.
On a Saturday night, before a tour, I spoke with park management who liked the idea and said they would look around for something useful. That night, I was told they found something I would be extremely happy with. They were right!

Prior to modern plumbing, the park had a Bath House. They would roll it into the lake in spring and roll it out in the fall. Due to modern pluming, the Bath House was demolished in 1954. It was split into three parts. Two parts are now LaffLand and the doors were used as the floor to attic in PlayLand.  One door was not suitable to be used as a floor support so it remained in PlayLand's attic until now! This will be my new tool! It will be done in the spring of 2017. Stay tuned!!

Below are photos of the Bathhouse which is now LaffLand.

Have you ever wondered about the paranormal presence in Thompson Park? The original Zoo and some of the current structures here were built in the 1920's. Since then, there's been a number of documented deaths (from the unsafe animal interactions of the earlier zoo). Not only that... but they are also rumored to have close proximity to a phenomenon known as the vortex.

The CasperCops will have the HONOR of being the first to investigate this amazing location. We are inviting a mature audience to join us as we take a walk back in time through the zoo's sorted history to learn what REALLY happened here, and investigate the possibility of what still remains.

This event is for a mature audience only. The paranormal investigation will be real, and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Tour guests can expect a night-time tour of the historic buildings of the zoo as we will provide you enlightening and frightening details about the zoo's history. Guests will be brought to the suspected location of a vortex where mysterious events have been documented. Due to the nature of this event, young children are not allowed to attend. Ticket sales are limited. Please book quickly.

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Last year, I had the opportunity to guide a Ghost Tour for Haunted History Trails of New York State. I was to meet a bus full of tourist at a place call Hyde Hall located in Glimmerglass State Park, Cooperstown, NY. As I pulled in, it truly was breathtaking! Love at first sight!!
This year, I went back and conducted an interview with management and was given my own tour which I will be posting in a video soon. It was amazing! The staff their truly know and love Hyde Hall as much as I do.