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This phenomenon hasn’t occurred since 2014 when the Beach Hut was remolded to become Kahunas Burgers. I’m happy to see its back! The video says it all!

On July 24, 2015 during the investigation of the Actors Area, a fellow CasperCop claimed to have been hit by a plastic draw tie. Our skeptic side must acknowledge what she claimed could have happened. This area is not open to the public and access is limited. Clear video of the floor in this area was obtained during this investigation and others which I reviewed. At no time did I observed anything on the floor.

On August 14, 2015, several interesting things occurred. While in the arcade, the sound of something hitting the floor was heard. A beer bottle cap was found in the area of which the noise originated. Although everyone denied dropping the cap, it cannot be ruled out. The investigation continued in Kahuna’s Burger Shop. The video speaks for its self. Enjoy.   

On October 31, 2015, the park was closed. With minimal outside noise, I took this opportunity to set an audio recorder in the Actors Area during the tours. The first part of the video is audio from the recorder. A photo was taken to show the location it was placed. While no one was in the building, a clicking noise was heard. Shortly after, footsteps walking down the hallway and tapping were recorded. No other audio was obtained in this area.

While in the Storage Area, “tapping” was heard while conducting an EVP session. Shortly after, a raddle on the floor was heard. Further investigation revealed it was possibly a screw on the floor. However, no one was moving at the time. After the video was reviewed, the sound of a footstep was captured at the time the screw was heard. Headphones are recommended.

There are videos below. This page may take a minute to load. 

On Friday, September 4, 2015, while in the arcade, we rolled quarters in hopes it would entice activity. After I rolled my quarter, a participant heard a ball bounce. A few seconds later, a small ball rolled out of the direction of my quarter. Our sceptic side must acknowledge it is possible my quarter hit the ball while it rolled; however it seemed to have an uninterrupted audio flow on video and was heard hitting the door where it was recovered. The ball was heard bouncing and once noticed it rolled approximately 15 to 20 feet. Where the ball originated from is unknown.

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, while in the Actors Area, participants entered a room and heard a loud noise. Utilizing a thermal imaging camera, a heat signature was observed on a dresser in this room. After a few moments, the heat signature was gone.

On June 6, 2015, some interesting and significant events occurred during the investigation. Coins were heard by everyone in the Arcade.  So, based on some of the activity, I was convinced that whoever haunts the park was present. I retrieved one of the quarters from the counter and held it in my hand. I requested that they come take it from me.
Shortly after, the camera battery went dead and my spare battery was in my car. We decided to move to another building  so I turned on the lights and went to pick up the second quarter from the counter. To my surprise, the quarter was gone. Everyone present denied touching the second quarter.
I exited the arcade, retrieved my spare battery and proceeded back into the arcade. As I took my first steps in the door I felt something on my left foot and looked down just in time to see a quarter roll off onto the floor. It did not bounce off my foot which indicates it was not thrown. The second quarter from the counter remained in my pocket. Someone or something was waiting for me to return and gently placed it on my foot. The sound of it rolling off my foot was heard by others.
Also, the noise heard upstairs in the actor’s area at the end of the video was debunked. It was found to be a lock on the door.

I'm still finding it hard to remain skeptical of the activity observed at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. On October 25, 2014, during our final tour while in the actors area above the gift shop, myself and a participant observed a shadow in a mirror as we were walking by one of the rooms. A second participant, in this same room, heard scratching noises along the walls. No video or audio was obtained to support these claims.  After the park closed for the last time in 2014,I packed up all my equipment for the final time this year. The employees enjoyed a pizza party for their hard work this season so I joined them. Some expressed an interest in going on a short tour. So I took 20 to 25 of my new CasperCop friends, of different ages dressed as zombies and ghosts, back to the storage area.  I tried a technique of throwing quarters in this area as well as the arcade and requested the quarters be tossed back. Last night, although I did not toss any coins, I requested some of my quarters that I lost in this area  be returned to me. To everyone's amazement, a quarter rolled approximately 20 feet across the floor from the crowd. As a skeptic you cannot rule out that someone from the crowd actually dropped the quarter. However after observing this activity over and over again in a much more controlled setting, I must refer to my very first sentence. No video was obtained.

On May 24, 2015, no “Paranormal Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” was observed; however I would like to share some interesting events that happened. While in the arcade, footsteps were heard and documented. I believe we were all standing at the time as I was telling the group about an experience I had in this same location. I compared these footsteps to our footsteps and determined while we walked, you hear the creaky floor more than your footsteps. The ones heard on the video, you clearly hear footsteps. Our skeptical side must acknowledge it is possible someone was walking at that time. I personally did not see anyone walking.
Also, while in the actor’s area, a participant claimed he observed a shadow in one of the rooms. No video evidence was obtained to support this claim; however past participants, including me, have seen shadows in this room. Further investigations in this area will be conducted during future tours.
While in this same area, we elected to roll a quarter down the hallway and requested it be rolled back. Although not in this area, last year a quarter was rolled upon my request. After receiving no response, a search for the quarter was conducted. It was not found. Once again, our skeptical side must acknowledge it is possible the coin fell through a crack in the floor or we simply overlooked it. To date, the quarter has not been found. 

On Saturday October 11, 2014, the tour went relatively active free. Before the tour, I set up a light going up the stairs above the gift shop. I had to run a cord to the first landing where I put a small light. After the group investigated this area, candy was noticed on the first landing of the stairs. No one saw them upon entering and no one claimed to have put them there.

On Friday October 10, 2014 once again, we had activity. While in the Arcade, a possible EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) was obtained. It sounds like a deep voice which copies what I just said. It continues by saying something else which cannot be understood. To hear this EVP, head phones are recommended. A new area was investigated. While in a storage area, the sound of an object was heard hitting the floor and a screw was found in the area the sound originated from.

On September 13, 2014, eight new CasperCop attended the final investigation of the summer. Due to weather, the park was closed so I had the opportunity to leave a video camera inside the arcade while I went out to greet the group. About ten minutes in, a door was heard closing. Once again, the park was not open and the doors were locked. After the investigation started, the same door sound was heard once again. I ran outside the only unlocked door and observed no one in the area.

On August 29, 2014, once again Sylvan Beach is proven to be a paranormal paradise. While in the arcade, the sound of coins hitting the floor was heard. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera went dead during the investigation so I added audio from one of my recorders of the second coin to the end of the video. Once again, no coins were found.

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On August 9, 2014 while in the arcade, once again the activity was amazing. At this point, I was finding it hard to be skeptical as the activity continued. The sounds of coins were heard hitting the floor. No coins were found on this night. For the first time in many years of investigating haunted places as a hobby, I saw an object which appeared to be full of coins fall from the air hockey table from only a few feet away. When it hit the floor, the sound of a coin hitting the floor was heard. An investigation of the area was conducted only to find no evidence of anything falling off the hockey table.
The next day I described what I had observed to some of the senior management on the parks staff. They explained that years ago the previous owner of the arcade used to collect the coins from the machines with a canvas bag with a metal coil to provide support and hold the bag in an open position. One of them retrieved a similar bag from storage and it was exactly what I had seen fall from the air hockey table.
I continued the investigation by interviewing a former owner of the park, Pat. He confirmed that the arcade was one of the oldest buildings in the park and that he had purchased the arcade from the widow of a former owner who had grown up in the arcade. He then inherited it from his father. Pat had known this owner for a few years before his passing. Pat confirmed the former owner regularly used the canvas bag, which I had observed, to collect the coins.
Once again, this activity remains unexplained.

On August 1, 2014, once again activity occurred in the arcade. An object was heard falling to the floor. An investigation was conducted in the area of which we believed to be the origin of the sound. A wood piece was found on the floor while no one was in the area at that time. Shortly after, while we were discussing the piece of wood, the sound of a coin was heard hitting the floor. Once again, an investigation of the area revealed a quarter on the floor near our location. To date, this activity still remains unexplained.

On July 25, 2014, nine new CasperCops joined the tour/ghost hunt. Many personal experiences were documented such as footsteps and voices which were heard in the arcade. However this sound bite was the star of the hunt. While we were all sitting on the floor conducting an EVP session in the Arcade, the sound of a coin  dropping on the floor was heard. A quarter was found about four feet from the closest person. This activity is still unexplained.



I began investigating Sylvan Beach Amusement Park in 2013. I’ve interviewed many employees throughout my investigation. A number of them claimed to have had some type of experience they can’t explain while working at the park. You may recall, “Taps” was called in just for this reason.  For their  recap, click HERE.

Not only did “Taps” find activity, I have claimed the park to be Haunted Beyond a Reasonable

Come join me at a Haunted Amusement Park. The tour begins with a brief walk through of the park while we discuss the legends of who still roams the park after death has taken them. It then becomes an investigation. We enter the secured empty buildings and conduct a ghost hunt. Cameras, recorders and your participation are welcome and encouraged. You never know who will appear during the Park After Dark Ghost Tours.  Below is data obtained during past tours. Most of the activity is still unexplained.